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The Uptown girl Bride: $900 (Value $1040.00)


This all-exclusive package from Uptown girl will ensure a “flawless and fabulous” bride on her special day. The following services will be provided:

Make-up application*
Eyelash extensions**
Eyebrow shaping**
Hair styling/up-do with clip on hair extensions***

*Travel surcharge based upon location.
**On-site only. Recommended 2-5 days before the wedding day.
***Application is included in overall fee. The cost of hair is an additional expense and varies by a clip-on hair.


Services – Make-up

Select Celebrity Clientele:

Nick Lachey
Hope Davis
Jane Krakowski
Martina Hingis
Ally Sheedy
Dan Rather
Edie Falco
William Baldwin
Andrew Cuomo
Rita Moreno
Sean Paul
Tracy Morgan
Lisa Loeb

Makeup Application $120
Makeup Lesson/Application $140
Bridal/Special Occasions Price varies upon consultation

Permanent Makeup

Eyebrows and Upper/lower eyeliner
Before After

Barb is the preeminent specialist in micro-pigmentation, a procedure also known as “permanent make-up.” Barb’s techniques were formulated over time, combining clinical practice with artistic gifts. For more information on permanent make-up please click here.

Barb’s results can be as natural, or as dramatic as you wish, but they are
always striking and add an elegant end to your daily quest.

Specialty areas:

Upper eyeliner $400
Lower eyeliner $400
Upper/lower eyeliner $750
Eyebrows $600
Lip liner $600
Full lip $800

To arrange for a consultation with Barb please call 1-888-455-0271 or email to

Barb has acquired over 20 years of technical training and applied practice
from accredited institutions. Barb is not only an aesthetic master in her
creative hand but also an educator and teacher certified by the New York
State Department of Education. She holds licenses in cosmetology, tattoo
technician, and aesthetic teacher.

Her years of experience have included
working among NYC’s top plastic surgeons, make-up studios and cosmetic
manufacturers both as an artist and an executive.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions are the best ‘semi-permanent’ alternative on the market today to extend the length and thickness of your eyelashes. With a full set of eyelash extensions

(Our exclusive ‘FABULASH’ Starter Set), there is no need to use lash curlers or mascara. Imagine beautiful and fresh eyes the moment you wake up!

The Lashes are made of a synthetic silk material, which is very soft and naturally curved. Lashes are crimp resistance and flexible. Size availability ranges from 6mm – 15mm and come in various thicknesses. We assess the proper length and thickness for you based upon your current natural lashes and desired look. Lashes are available in Black and Brown. Uptown Girl uses only premier product lines for all of our eyelash applications. Among them are NovaLash, Lavish Lashes, and Butterfly Lash Solutions.

Lash extensions are applied on a hair-by-hair basis to your own lashes, attached by a specially formulated adhesive that creates a polypeptide bond that is non-damaging to human lashes. The adhesive dries very softly on lashes, allowing the lashes to stay flexible and bouncy just like your own.

Going to the RIGHT PRACTITIONER IS CRITICAL. The application method entails great precision and care, usually developed through many years of hands-on experience. Thus, when properly applied by an experienced practitioner, lashes will last for the length of the natural growth cycle of each eyelash hair. In between touch-ups can help to maintain your new set year round!

Uptown girl’s ‘FABULASH’ Starter Set will provide you with a full set of lash extensions. Application time is about 120 minutes (2 hours). The procedure is painless, even relaxing. Laying backside down, your lower lashes are held down by sensitive tape and with eyes closed the application process begins. Touch-ups to maintain lashes year round start at $60/30 minutes.

Lashes can be removed at any time should you opt not to have them fall out naturally. However, do not attempt to remove any lashes on your own, seek professional removal from your practitioner.