Hair Extension

What are Hair Extensions?

Many people do not know exactly what hair extensions are. It is no wonder due to all the variations of hair extension products and applications on the market today. Simply put, hair extensions are strands of synthetic or human hair that can be weaved, braided, or glued to one’s own natural hair to create desired length and/or volume.

What is the uptown girl hair extension process & technique?

The process begins with an exchange of information, with a vision towards the desired style. There are choices of hair types in every length, volume, texture and natural color combinations possible. Our hair extensions are strands of human hair (not synthetic) placed onto a person’s hair in order to elongate or thicken existing hair. A micro-attachments made of keratin wax, filled with hair, is placed one-quarter inch away from the scalp. Within a 3-4 hour timeframe, a head of hair will be transformed into longer, thicker hair. While others use techniques such as welding, waxing, gluing, or knotting, which strain and very often damage your hair to a high degree, our process is based on a much more gentle principle: heat bonding and /or modulating. We have created an extremely high-tech method of bonding between the strand and your own hair. It is activated by out applicator and bonds the strand with your own hair in this way. It can, however, be easily removed by an expert. Most important of all: your own hair is not damaged in the process.

What is the life expectancy of extensions?

Most extensions, if applied properly, will last between 4-6 months. Afterward, this special glue-like bond attached to your natural hair will begin to loosen and fall off. How long extensions are kept and how often they are reapplied is a personal decision.

How do you care for hair extensions?

Hair extensions can care for the same way as caring for your own natural hair. Hair extensions do as a rule degrade with normal care. Redoing your hair extensions will be necessary when your own hair grows out. It is recommended that you use high-quality hair care products to extend the vitality of your hair extensions.